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In Michigan, a Felony is any crime that is punishable by more than one year in jail. Certain Misdemeanor crimes can also be charged as Felonies for repeat offenders. For example, under something known as “Heidi’s Law,” if you are convicted of three or more drunk driving/DUI charges in your lifetime, the third and all later convictions are considered Felonies. Click here for a link to the statute (MCL 257.625) commonly referred to as Heidi’s Law. An alphabetical list of all the Felonies in Michigan, including the maximum penalty and applicable statute number for each Felony, is available here.

If you are accused of a Felony, it is crucial to immediately consult with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to ensure all your rights are protected, and all your defenses are effectively presented. A good lawyer will scrutinize the prosecutor’s evidence, to locate and attack any defects that may lead to a dismissal or Not Guilty verdict at Trial. Further, a skilled lawyer knows how to negotiate with the prosecutor to minimize a client’s potential for jail, and to preserve their criminal record.

If you plea to a Felony under a plea agreement, or if you are found guilty of a Felony after Trial, the next step is “scoring” your sentencing guidelines range. Your sentencing range is calculated by first looking at your Prior Record Variables (or “PRV’s”), which are based on your past criminal history. After calculating your PRV’s, the next step is analyzing your Offense Variables (or “OV’s”), which are based on the facts and circumstance surrounding the actual crime. Scoring sentencing guidelines is an extremely complex process. Proper arguments at sentencing by a good lawyer can save a client months or even years in prison.

Attorney Matt Catchick has concentrated in Felony Criminal Defense for over 17 years, and he has successfully tried cases with superb results. His attention to detail, knowledge of the law, and dedication to his clients will ensure you the best possible representation. If you are facing a Felony, call or e-mail Matt today for a free initial office consultation to discuss how he can help you.

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