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Traffic Tickets

If you get a traffic ticket, the WORST thing you can do is simply pay it, even if you believe you are guilty/responsible, or if the court clerk claims they do not “waive points.”

A common misunderstanding about traffic tickets is that they only stay on your driving record for two years. In Michigan, a traffic ticket stays on your driving record for at least SEVEN years! Even worse, most car insurance companies will raise your rates for at least 5 to 6 years after the ticket. Many Courts will not negotiate on traffic tickets unless the driver has a good seven-year driving history. That is why it is so important to challenge EVERY traffic ticket, to keep your record as clean as possible.

Another common misunderstanding is that a zero point traffic ticket, like “Speeding — 5 over on a Highway,” is the same thing as a non-abstractable ticket (“non-abstractable” means: “not reported to the Secretary of State”). Although “Speeding — 5 over on a Highway” results in zero points on your Michigan driving record, it is still reported to the Secretary of State, and it will stay on your record for at least seven years. Also, a city attorney or prosecutor who sees that ticket on your record will know you already got a “deal,” and they will be far less likely to negotiate on future tickets. Worst of all, car insurance companies use their own separate and distinct point system to determine rates, and they CAN raise your rates for “Speeding – 5 over on a Highway,” even though you never received any points on your Michigan driving record for the ticket.

If you receive any type of traffic ticket, call or e-mail Matt Catchick today for a free consultation to discuss your options. Matt has successfully fought hundreds of traffic tickets in over fifty District Courts throughout the State. Matt is extremely well versed in the Motor Vehicle Code, and he has over 17 years of experience in protecting his clients’ driving records, and saving them thousands of dollars in increased insurance rates.

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